Christmas and Birthday Double Hitter


I lost count of the amount of people who sighed when I told them Chiplet had been born on Christmas Day… “Aww what a shame”

What?!?!?! What exactly is a shame? That I gave birth on a day when something else is happening? That I have healthy little boy?

No… Apparently its a shame because he will only get one present.

I am not entirely sure that matters a tiny little iota in the grand scheme of things. But doesn’t that serve to show what Christmas is all about… buying things.

We don’t celebrate a religious Christmas, which after all is the main reason it exists… no?

So why would your first comment be … aww what a shame….


We are going to make Chiplet’s first birthday the best it can possibly be and we will probably celebrate on Boxing Day with a traditional roast Christmas Dinner, because for us, Christmas is about getting together as a family and there is no better thing to bring together a family than a gorgeous, perfectly packaged little baby boy.

So naff off with your sighs of sadness about Chiplet’s Birth Date… it rules!

I am linking up with Mummy Barrow’s Ranty Friday – for the first time….. grrrrr




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