Mummies’ Movie Club – December



This month’s movie choice was Saving Mr Banks. This month was kind of the whole reason behind Mummies’ Movie Club; I was frazzled, knackered and a bit grumpy and not overly bouncing at the thought of the movie as it’s not my usual genre – but I stuck to going out, because it was my night.

Parking was a nightmare due to panto season and the launch of The Hobbit on the IMAX screen but I finally got there, got a latte and a chocolate brownie and had a lovely catch up with my friend.

Saving Mr Banks tells the story of PL Travers and her resistance to Walt Disney buying the rights to make her book Mary Poppins, into a film.

The film put me in an instant good mood with its Mary Poppins references and the dry humor of Emma Thompson’s PL Travers character. I found the storylines of the movie rights for Mary Poppins and PL Travers tumultuous childhood to be a striking contrast and was really engaged with the characters. There are some big names in this film – I loved the gentle character played by fantastic Paul Giamatti.

7/10 – It didn’t set me alight, but I felt warm and fuzzy afterwards and loved Emma Thompson’s performance. Wait for the DVD.

If you have seen Saving Mr Banks – tell me what you thought of it below



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