Homemade Christmas


I love making things… crafting makes me happy and focuses my concentration. I have not been as crafty this year as usual as I have been busy raisin ma child; but I was determined to bring some homemade-ness back into my life. So here is what I have been up to:


1.  Mulled Wine Spices – Last year I made bath salts and creams, but I didn’t feel that vibe this year, so instead I went for these sachets, made from… drum roll please…. Chiplet’s old muslins (bleached and cleaned obviously) and my plethora of store cupboard spices. I then used reclaimed string and ribbon and hand wrote the tags then wrapped in sellophane.

2. Wedding Tree Re-purposed – I had a tree of love at my wedding earlier this year. I made the tree festive with some baubles and think it looks rather lovely.

3. Tree decorations – I used leftover stocking templates from the bunting (see 4.) to stuff and add to the tree… these are added to the lovely decorations that we have started collecting for Chiplet… I cannot lay claim to making these, sadly.

4. Stocking Bunting – This idea came from the lovely and very crafty Amanda at City Girl Gone Coastal – I did cut a few corners and didn’t double side them, but they look very cute.

5. and 6. Home-made Stocking  I was inspired by an old post from my friend Hannah who blogs over at Make Do and Push to make a stocking for Chiplet – using scraps of Christmas fabric. I love how this has turned out and I will be putting tangerines and other treats in here for my little man.

I hope you are all trimmed up and ready to go.


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  1. I love your handmade stocking. I didn’t get Elma’s finished in time last year so I’m really looking forward to her using it this year!

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