2014 So Far


So far 2014 has been a little unkind to me:

  1. I lost my wallet
  2. My Dad’s car broke down when I got in it
  3. Chiplet smashed me in the face (multiple times)
  4. Chiplet has beed very poorly
  5. I flooded the kitchen by leaving a tap running
  6. We got a much bigger than expected tax bill
  7. Our kettle has broken
  8.  I am really bloody clumsy at the moment.

Not huge things, but combined I feel a little battered. I have also returned to work for 4 days a week and am feeling good about being in a job, but worried about adjusting to so much time away from my little boy and in a professional environment, where to be frank, I am getting little support as a returning mother.

My experience of returning to work has been strange. My boss is avoiding talking to me about new arrangements and how to manage my return to work alongside my maternity cover, who is still employed, but is moving into a slightly different role. I feel a little out of my depth but I am sure it will all come screaming back to me.  Someone said they were worried about getting back into things after 2 weeks off… try 11 months!?!

I have given up the booze for January and plan to set some goals… not resolutions as such, but some measurable things to focus on for the year. I have decided however to do this when we move into our new house – which will hopefully be in mid-February.

Under no circumstances would I advocate getting pregnant, married and moving in the same 12 months… it is totally and utterly exhausting. However, if you read my post The Shift – you will know that despite all the craziness, I am happy. Ask me again in a month though 😉

Happy New Year all!



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