Terrible Temper Tantrums


The temper tantrums that I was dreading, those ones which come when little ones are nearing their second birthday, those screaming, nose running, stamping the feet and lying on the floor-type tantrums?


Ah yes… I lull you into a false sense of secuity, by being like this for 11 months and 3 weeks.


They are already here.

I was NOT prepared for this at this stage. I have just gone back to work 4 days and week and Chiplet has started at nursery for 2 days a week, so there are alot of changes afoot. To be fair however, these tantrums started just after his first birthday and are pretty much standard at the moment. If you do any of the following – it starts:

  • Say no
  • Close a door
  • Take a dangerous item out of his grasp
  • Offer him something he does not want
  • Change his nappy
  • Get him dressed
  • Get him undressed
  • Put him down for a nap
  • Pick him up
  • Put him down

Oh joy. There are only a couple of things that do not give him a tantrum: His comforter ‘Errol the Elephant’ and the dustpan and brush.

I feel dread. Dread that he is going to keep on with these tantrums and that I won’t know what to do about them and dread that something is really wrong with him when he is ‘kicking off’. The first time, I ran to the pharmacist thinking he was in pain. . It is difficult as he has had a cold and cough and also may be teething, so I always assume that something is genuinely wrong. Actually isn’t a tantrum just his way of communicating his frustration? I guess  that could be anything from “I want that phone to play with” to “I need to lie down with my blanket and have a nap”.

I spent a lot of time trying to identify his cues for hunger, sleep and cuddles when he was younger and now the ball game is totally different, I feel like I need some new training.

Does anyone else have a 54 week old baby doing the same thing?


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  1. Rachel we had / still have issues with H. Have experienced it and now understand a bit more about it & how it is many layered Happy to help, get in touch.

  2. Ours are reaching insane levels at the mo! It’s like flipping a switch… makes me dread going out in public sometimes *rolls eyes* It’ll all b over soon with any luck! Or maybe when they’re like five or something… *sobs and downs gin* lol xx

  3. It sounds like he’s processing quite a few changes at the moment; that might be a contributing factor. I once read a great description of little ones vs adults in terms of their processing skills – adults are a two story house so there’s plenty of space upstairs for the big feeling to roam around; babies and toddlers are a bungalow – all the emotion bursts straight up and out the chimney!

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