What We Are Reading This Month (January)


It has been a while since I posted about reading; which is not to say that we have not been reading… on the contrary, things are picking up the pace in terms of my reading and Chiplet still loves books.


I read a rather out of the ordinary book in Enders Game, which was lent to me by my brother just before Christmas. I think I would describe it as Young Adult Fiction (it was made into a film last year) but I did enjoy it immensely – it is about an alien threat and subsequent war. I have just finished the Britmums Book Club choice of Clare Balding, My Animals and Other Family – not really loving it to be honest, I just cannot identify with her at all. Some of the anecdotes were quite charming, but it was like another world and very horsey. Next on my list is Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things. I blummin love short stories, so quirky and easy to read one just before bed.

Chiplet is absolutely loving 3 of his books at the moment. Hug by Jez Alborough, was bought for him by Grampy for the princely sum of 50p from a charity shop and it is a firm bedtime favourite. He sticks his thumb in his mouth and makes a little happy groan eveytime Bob the monkey says the (only) word (in the book) “Hug”. My brother bought Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort for Chiplet for Christmas and it is loads of fun – not a board book though so we have to be careful of the pages. Finally Everyone Loves Butterflies by Tanis Taylor which was our Parragon Book Buddies book for December – Butteflies are always a hit, so colourful and bright and a story of transformation.



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  1. We love the aliens books in our house, they’re just so funny – and Kitty loves looking through the title pages choosing pants for everyone!

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