Mummies Movie Club – January


This month, we went to see The Railway Man. We had planned to and almost had to see American Hustle instead due to rescheduling, but The Railway Man it was.

This is definitely not my usual genre of film, history – but pain and suffering I tend to be drawn to – how sunshiney I am!

The film follows the real life story of Eric Lomax, a WWII veteran who find unexpected love on a train with Patty. Their whirlwind romance (both at a much later stage of life) soon becomes difficult as Eric suffers from post traumatic stress from his experiences whilst posted in Burma during the war.

Patty seeks out Eric’s friend ‘Uncle’ played by the fantastic Stellan Skarsgård (from Mamma Mia and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) who sheds some light on the horrors Eric experienced and cannot leave behind.

The film then follows Eric’s journey to deal with his past and continue with his future.

6/10 – It was a powerful film, with excellent performances from both lead characters, but I didn’t find myself talking much about it afterwards, despite its harrowing subject matter.

If you have seen The Railway Man – tell me what you thought of it below




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