You Don’t Say Good Morning Anymore


The Hubbie and I managed to get a few hours together this afternoon whilst Grandparents looked after Chiplet. We are just so fraught with all the things we have to do at the moment and our son has been… well… to use one word ‘challenging’ … to use another ‘awful’.

We are tired, grumpy, unhealthy and just don’t have any time for each other at the moment. It takes all my energy to be sunshiney for Chiplet when he is being just generally very grumpy and the remaining energy to function as a Marketing and Communications Manager for 4 days a week. That leaves me with approximately enough energy to think about eating and when I can next get into bed. That last one is always tinged with fear as Chiplet just doesn’t sleep properly anymore.

It brought it all home, when over a drink in the pub, my husband of only the last 4 months said to me “you know… we don’t say morning to each other anymore.” I mean how sad is that. We are newly weds and we can’t even muster up a good morning. Come to think of it, neither a good night, since I am usually tucked up in bed in my PJ’s before him.

I wondering how our relationship would survive the early days of parenthood. Its such a change to have time for each other and then everything changes. A friend said, you come out the other side stronger. At  the moment, I don’t feel very strong myself to be honest, trying to hold myself together and be a good mum doesn’t leave much wife powers.

We have been so happy for 7.5 years… we are still so happy, but just absolutely, totally and utterly knackered.


I may have said it before and I will say it again… DO NOT get married, have a baby and move house in the same year.



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