A Trip to The Big Smoke


Ah London, how I love thee! Every time I visit I have a blast and although this time, I also picked up some awful throat infection, I still had a blast!

This was Chiplet’s second trip to London (not counting 2 trips whilst in the womb) and he loved it. We took the amazingly fast and super cheap Grand Central down and Chiplet had his own seat, jam sandwiches and an entourage of fans! He took it all in his stride obviously.

Friday afternoon, we met my brother and headed to Hamleys (since it was a grim rainy day) Chiplet loved it there, wandering off all over the place and getting quite randomly excited by the disturbing flat bears with no stuffing at the Make Your Own Bear Factory. We did have minor nightmare when he lost his comforter, but the nice lady at the horrible talking alarm clock stall had found it for us. Next stop was a meal at Gaucho on Charlotte Street – more on that in a later post… yummo

London Baby

Saturday, despite my lurgy throat, we headed to Hyde Park and Chiplet wandered around chasing his shadow and generally being cute until we had a break in the Serpentine Cafe and tried to put him in a swing (these are not his favourite thing at the moment) Quick pit stop for lunch and then I headed to meet my lovely blogging friends whilst the boys went to the Royal Academy of Arts and then the pub.

Phew, that was about it for us – although we did both manage a  few drinks with my brother separately whilst the other babysat Chiplet.

I think it will be a while until we make it down again with everything else on our plates, but I do love a trip ‘up’ to London (as they say on Downton Abbey!) Usually we fit in Greenwich and the Southbank, but thought we would do something different this time.

Obviously things change when you have a baby in tow and can’t rought it on a couch or a cheapy hotel so we opted for a hotel right near St Pancras/Kings Cross – The Alhambra – it was v nice actually with a great breakfast included and an excellent cot provided for Chiplet. We booked that through Booking.com

What are your top picks for London?


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