Eating Out in London with Chiplet


We have tried to eat out with our little man from the beginning, but our recent weekend in London was a real feast out for him. As we were staying in a hotel, there was no cooking to be done (silently celebrates).

On the Friday, my brother took us to Gaucho on Charlotte Street. He had been telling us about how fantastic the steaks were there and our mouth were watering at the prospect. We had an early dinner with Chiplet and on entering the restaurant we were a little overfaced by the darkened room and many cow-skinned walls. Chiplet was in his element though and they provided us with a high chair and delicious bread platter which kept him happy. We ordered cheese and onion empanadas for him, which he was not that bothered about… he was much happier when Mummy’s ribeye steak arrived and he proceeded to grab it off my plate and tear into it like a real carnivore!

The next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel (Alhambra Hotel Kings Cross) which was delicious and plentiful and then headed off for the morning to Hyde Park. Walking in the cold soon had us diving in the nearest cafe, which happened to be the  Serpentine Cafe – delicious coffee and cakes and a beautiful view of the lake.

We had a quick lunch stop at Pret-a-Manger Mayfair. The chicken and avocado sandwich was good, but the lack of high chair and changing facilities made life a little difficult as we had planned to stop, refuel and clean up… never realised places like that could be without changing facilities.

But the trend continued at Piazza in Leicester Square where there was nowhere to change Chiplet and they were so slow to bring a high chair and bread that we was royally kicking off in no time. The pizzas and anti-pasti however were really good.

I find the whole experience of eating out with a 13 month old really fun usually, he loves his food and loves being around people and being sociable and lots of people comment on how well behaved he is, but I think for me, a basic requirement is a place with the facility to change a nappy and waiting staff who are happy to have a baby in their establishment.

Clockwise from left – wistful in pret, tasting the ribeye, breakfast in the hotel, more ribeye.

eating outWhat are your top picks for eating out with a little one?


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