Festival Season


We love a good music festival in this house… in fact… this house hosts a music festival each year called Pleasantfest! Think we will be giving that a miss this year as we are in a new house and don’t want to totally alienate all the neighbours… but next year we are back on!


The stage at Kendal Calling looked ‘the bomb’

So we have been having a think about possible festivals for this year that might work well for us all.

The last festival I went to was Kendal Calling whilst I was pregnant (I blogged about it here)  I just love a festival. The mud, the music, the vibe, the food, the love in the air. I actually only went to my first festival when I was 21 – it was the Isle of Wight with headline performances from The Prodigy, Coldplay and Foo Fighters. Snce then I have been to a range of festivals, from small 200 people ones in small fields in Yorkshire up to Kendal Calling and Triple M in Sydney.

I wouldn’t say I have been to loads of festivals, but I definitely want them to be part of our family life now. So I have been looking around and this is our hit list for this year:

Any others I should consider?


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