Desperately Seeking Energy Levels


I had in my mind the parent I wanted to be. She was fair and firm, patient and kind, fun and energetic.

I have gone through many incarnations of parent in these first 13 months and I am not sure I have ticked all (any) of those boxes.

The journey has been amazing so far and I have learned alot about myself and my limits. Am I right in thinking that things get a bit easier from her on in in terms of sleeping? To be honest, the exhaustion makes everything that little bit harder and I feel like a boring broken old record when my standard response to every question contains either the word knackered, tired or exhausted.

I have just started back up with my couch to 5k…. I was blogging about it the first time and then had to stop due to a sickness bug… I am back up to week 4 and to be honest it is giving me loads of energy… energy creates energy it seems.

But I still have those days when I feel like you want to go back to bed and curl up…. and then I have one of these wanting to play:



…and somehow I find that little bit of extra energy to enjoy him, because I made him and he is amazing.



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