Car Booting



This is the second car boot we have done since having our son. The first one was when he was around 6 months old and we made about £90 – this time we only broke £50 profit but it was enough to pay for our shopping for the week.

I love a car boot – always have. The excitement of what you might find, the thrill of the haggle and the smell of the greasy chips – not the taste of them … yuck!

We are lucky enough to have Delilah van on our side and she always attracts quite a bit of attention as a VW camper, plus she provides a warm haven for Chiplet to use if it gets a little too chilly.

We sold the biggest pile of crapola to be honest, so any profit was good and we had fun. Chiplet loved all the toys and books and running around picking up rocks and eating biscuits. He got a Spot the Dog book for 50p and a plastic ride on trike for £1 so he was well pleased.

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