Cooking with Chiplet – Skinny Pizzas


I was inspired recently by the lovely Mum First Doctor Second who wrote about cooking with her adorable boy Doofy and decided to get cooking with Chiplet.


Chiplet has assisted Daddy with some scone-making but this was his first full meal. We are on somewhat of a budget this month so for lunch at the weekend I decided we would knock up some skinny pizzas using tortillas and whatever was in the fridge. Skinnypizza Chiplet was very excited to be involved in the pocess that usually frustrates him as it involves me not paying him any attention. His distribution of cheese was good, although there were a few mouthfuls stolen. He also added the other ingredients and mushed the passata in a little bit. The funny thing was that he didn’t seem at all interested in the final product…leaving more for Mummy and Daddy!



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