Dinky Stroll: Chellow Dene


I am always looking for new places to explore and having moved house recently, there are lots of little corners.

There is a rather small entrance to the car park to Chellow Dene near Sandy Lane in Bradford. An totally inconspicuous mini car park with what my Dad would call and ‘dingly dell’ path leading down into Chellow Dene itself.


The reservoirs were constructed by Bradford Corporation in Victorian times to provide a water supply for the city. The upper reservoir was the first to be built first in 1844, followed by the lower reservoir in 1853. The reservoirs are no longer used to provide a water supply and  Bradford Council took them over in the 70s to provide a recreational spot.


We took a stroll around the top reservoir, which took a little longer than stated on the sign at the entrance, but we did stop to look at a giant Heron, cackcacks (swans and ducks) and to have a snack on the walkway between the two reservoirs. It was peaceful and sheltered and we spent a great hour just wandering around the water.


It was a little like Ogden Water in Halifax, but just quieter and lovelier. I suspect this will definitely become a favourite spot for a stroll, whatever the weather.

Bradford is full of fantastic little spots like this and I will be talking about them as much as a can on here, as Bradford does sometimes get somewhat of a short shrift! Tagging with Brilliant Bradford.

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