A Day More Ordinary


For the first time in as many months as I can remember, I had a day without responsibilities. No work to go to, no baby to look after…. no plans to speak of.

I wondered what to do with my day, I tried to decide whether to achieve something, make something, go somewhere… in the end the decision was made for me.I looked at my husband and thought – I want to have lunch with this lovely man – just the two of us. So that was on the agenda…Then I rather unexpectedly won a massage at my local beauty salon…. so my day was half planned out.

I dropped Chiplet off at nursery – which I never get to do – or if I do, I am rushing out the door to try and  get to work in time to get a free parking space. I saw him into the care of the lovely staff and watched him get a little sad when I left but then calm down almost instantly! I walked back to the car feeling a sense of calm and freedom; a whole morning to do something/anything, then an adult lunch then a lovely pampering treat.

I did end up achieving something in the morning. I re-covered the tops of some storage boxes in the house – a job I had suspected would never get done. They were covered in a slightly stained cream cover and are now the proud owners of a soft lilac covering (soon to be covered in chiplet-shaped handprints I am sure)

The Boy and I had a leisurely lunch in our local pub and caught up on some tabloid gossip and then I headed off for my facial and massage. It sounds really daft, but someone who just existed for that 1.5 hours to give me a relaxing time was so calming and lovely. I felt amazing afterwards and my skin looked fantastically glowy.

Next on my lovely day was cooking a curry from scratch; something I took for granted before I became a mother and something that always gives me great pleasure. I cooked my favourite Burmese Pork Curry (you can find the recipe here) and enjoyed every last forkful.

I took to bed early with a good book and didn’t even feel worried about nighttime wakings because I was so relaxed.

I think I need a day like no other at least once a month – but I suppose if it were so frequent, it would not be quite so special, not to mention the fact that I cannot afford all those days off work!



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