A Day out at Cliffe Castle


My little boy is getting very big and very adventurous. He is at an age where I just want to spend every minute with him in case I miss something. Sadly other things, like working, eating, sleeping all get in the way. This weekend though I put him first and we spent loads of time together. On Saturday we headed off together to a fantastic local gem – Cliffe Castle in Keighley.

I had only been here recently with The Boy and Chiplet, despite living in the area for ages. The building is described as ‘Keighley’s Treasure House’ and was a family home for the Butterfields who were textile magnates.

First things first, the playground is pretty damn epic. It features a sandpit (clean), good climbing frames for all sizes of little people and the most amazing bouncy/trampolining thingies set into squares in the ground. It was relaunched only last year (July 2013) and looks brand spanking new. It wasn’t too busy either on a Saturday lunchtime. Chiplet doesn’t want my help anymore on anything and just wanted to run all over the park looking for big kids to follow. He also indulged in a little sand eating – why oh why?!?

Cliffe Castle 1

We spent a good 30 minutes playing and then had our first proper picnic of the year – in which Chiplet couldn’t make head nor tail of a pear!


Inside Cliffe Castle – The collection is ecclectic to say the least but the building is very interesting. Some of the exhibits have definitely seen better days, but overall there is something interesting for everyone. The first time we went, The Boy was really into the Airedale Gallery – featuring lots of science and Chiplet loved the Working Landscapes Gallery – as it featured a sheep you could sit on. This time, it was all about the Natural History Gallery – or  taxidermy room – much to my joy! He liked telling me that everything was a ‘baby’ or a ‘duck’! He must come out with a different word every day more or less.

I really like the Keighley Stories gallery – which has fascinating objects in it, including the rather hilarious Henpeck’d Club’s peace box No.6.

Cliffe Castle 2

Apologies for the misty photos – I used my phone which has seen better days!

Admission to Cliffe Castle is totally free and the car park is also. It is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

This is tagged in Brilliant Bradford – Keighley has a BD postcode you know!

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