Speed Talker


I am not sure I can remember what Chiplet’s first word was…. this is partly due to my diminishing ability to keep information in my brain and partly due to the fact, that I am desperately trying to keep up now with a new word pretty much every day.

At almost 18 months, my little boy is quite the chatty one. He is like as sponge, repeating what he hears and pointing at things all the time to name them. If he isn’t sure, he will give it a bash, usually using one of his favourite words such as horse, rabbit, yellow, this, bear or cheese to name anything unidentified.


I read in that email that I occasionally get about what my baby might be doing at his age, that they can use powers of deduction from about now. So for example if I showed him a picture of a bear, a rabbit and a worm – he would know which was the worm by a process of elimination of the words he was familiar with against the one he was not.

I mean, how amazing is that. He has only been out in the world for 18 months and he is learning at a supersonic rate.

I have to admit that my favourite words are mummy (obviously) and rabbit – which is said with a rather cute inflection – a bit like urrr rabbid – it melts my heart.

We feel sure that Chiplet’s burgeoning vocabulary is due in part to the stonking amount of books we get through with him every day. I wrote earlier  this week about his love of books. I think it might be time to dig out the massive Toddler Seek book which someone got him for his birthday – I thought he was miles off using it, but I think maybe I am underestimating his skills!

Before I know it, he will be throwing full sentences at me, but for now, a little yes in response to a question, him picking up the right book when I ask him to, or him just stomping around the house saying Mummy over and over… are enough to light up my life.



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