Ladies Who Make – A Chance to Craft


I have kind of lost my way a little with my making. I think this might be due in part to not wanting to dig out all my gear and make a mess then have to clean it up – since I spend alot of time cleaning and clearing up!

So when I found out about the ‘Ladies Who Make’ workshops running in Baildon – I couldn’t resist the chance to get crafty again.

The night came on an evening that I had to work late and I was feeling that familiar feeling of wanting to go home and collapse in front of a TV programme, but as soon as I got in the car and realised I had a whole evening to myself to do nothing but enjoy something for me – I found new level of energy.

The session is organised by a Bradford based organisation called Sponge Tree who I came across on Twitter. Sponge Tree run workshops, projects and community interaction and they are pretty fantastic. What originally caught my eye was their children’s Saplings Outdoor Nature Play and Wild Music workshops  But actually in the end, I was the one who got to experience Sponge Tree before Chiplet!

The first session of this series of 7 evenings was a chance to try découpage. To me, this was a great subject to do, because lots of people don’t have the space or the inclination to get messy with PVA glue.

The session took place in the most cosy Pickles Deli in Baildon. This place is housed in the old liberal club on the roundabout in Baildon a d ticks all my munching boxes. Comfy couches…check, amazing cakes…check, quirky objects…. check.


I arrived just before 7.00 and was offered a steaming hot latte and a chance to chat with the other ladies there, who were an ecclectic bunch of different ages and backgrounds, but all very crafty in one way or another. From those working on refurbishing furniture to someone who made fairies in jars – we found plenty to chat about.

We started off with tutor Hannah showing us some découpage she had made earlier. Hannah delivers the sessions for Sponge Tree and she has a background in being creative, she has just started freelancing and running sessions as the name ‘Han Made’

Paula, one of the Sponge Tree big bosses was there so I got to chat to her and find out a bit more about what they are all about and to wax lyrical about how Bradford needs more support for being Brilliant!


I found out about things in the area I didn’t know about  – including an amazing sale coming up for material at Moons Mill in Guiseley and a Cottingley Fairies Festival… magical. I also managed to share some knowledge about my favourite place for bits and bobs – Cannon Mills.


Check out my concentration – maybe something to do with the cakes!

Each session is £20 and Paula is quick to say that they are offering something more than similar sessions for less money. I would agree wholeheartedly, the glittery carrot cake and coffee must be worth about £7 easily and the materials were fantastic.

The next session is on 10th July and will be focusing on felting with a Tour de France twist. If you want to book on for the entire 6 sessions, you can save some money, just email for more details or book single sessions online here

So I know you are itching to see what I made! So here is my découpage balloon and sco0ter box for Chiplet to put his precious things in when he is a little older. I am quite proud of it – and it was by far the least girly item made on the evening!



Disclaimer – i was given a subsidised place on the course in exchange for my honest review but all views are my own

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