What Chiplet Loved this Month (June)


This is a rather special ‘What Chiplet loved’ because yesterday he turned 18 months old! So I am doubling up on the montages!

I cannot believe he is 1.5 years old… its just crazy!

He has started saying so many words, including his own name which is adorable. He is so pleased with himself when he learns a new word. His Daddy called him a little wordsearch the other day!

Physically, he seems to have shot up in the last couple of month and has such long legs. He can point out most parts of his body, including his tummy, which he likes to show off!

He can be very grumpy when he doesn’t get his own way – an indication of what is to come maybe for the terrible twos?er

He loves his Mummy and Daddy and Isshy (Lucy) cat, his comforter Errol and Toashash (Thomas). He sometimes eats tons of food and other times just fruit and nothing else.


1. Enjoying Icecream

2. Bossy Breeches

3. Laughing Lad

4. Learning Toothbrushing Skills

5. Dude-ing it up in sunnies!

First camping trip and music festival was this weekend, so here goes montage number 2!


6. Bubbles

7. Raving in the tent

8. Testing out the Edz Kidz

9. Bacon butties rule!




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