Lucky 7


I know I need to blog.. I just can’t get the motivation up – this has felt like an odd day for one with such promise in the numbers. 7, 7, 14 – all multiples of my lucky number.

And I do feel lucky. I had an amazing weekend at the Tour de Yorkshire with my family, time with my brother, time with Chiplet enjoying all the joy of having people around him who love him. Our financial worries are a little eased and we are in a good place. So why do I feel a little low?

Well, my brain seems to have gone back into anxiety over-load. I am starting to find it hard to let little things go. I had a run in with someone a few weeks ago and at the time I dealt with it as best I could, but now I am thinking I should have handled it differently and I cannot stop thinking about it… over and over and over.  Little things that need sorting out in life – mobile phone contracts, kitchen cupboards, toddler shoes, suddenly seem to be taking on epic importance in my brain and are giving me a dull headache and circling around and around.

My CBT sessions were all about dealing with these feelings. I was told to use the coping systems that I picked up in CBT. I wrote in September about slipping and now I feel a familiar feeling in my stomach. I don’t know whether to try and kick start my CBT techniques or ask for some help again.


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