Toys? Toddlers don’t like Toys!


I am sure this is not news to anyone with a toddler, I have read numerous blogs about the items that a toddler loves to play with – a particular favourite was one from Mum in the South (which I can’t find now)   Things are no different in our house. Chiplet loves a good smart phone, baby monitor, rubbish bin, bike speedometer, cooking magazine, steering wheel… toys…. not so much. The only thing that can keep his attention for longer than 10 minutes is something featuring a wheel. At the moment this is his duplo cars – which he will spend AGES adding blocks and duplo animals to. Although this pink pram which he commandeered from a small girl in our local pub, seemed to hit some sort of toy sweet spot… he flipping loved it!


This gravel – also very popular! and fantastically also dyed his hands a lovely shade of yellow which didn’t really come off properly for a couple of days. IMG_0947 I can’t wait to see what he attaches himself to next. It is saving me a fortune in toys!


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