Dent Music and Ale Festival


We took Chiplet to his first music festival in June. Pre-parenthood, the Boy and I were well into our festivals. We even hosted our own festival in our back garden! We didn’t want to head too far from home this time around so when we were invited to join some friends for the Dent Music and Ale festival a mere 50 miles from our house, we jumped at the chance. This was also to be our first camping trip with Chiplet and we had procured a new tent, which had never been put up before – so it was shaping up to be lots of fun before we had even started. dentcollage1The festival at Dent came about from as a result of the foot-and-mouth outbreak. The local community hosted the first one in 2002, and it grew year-on-year. In 2009, the festival became two events, with a free, family oriented event remaining in Dent village under the new name of the Dentdale Music and Beer Festival. Our friend had been in previous years and couldn’t believe how much it had grown. People on the camping fields who had been there on the Friday evening said they couldn’t even get into the music tent. I must admit that I think they need to seriously consider an outdoor stage there just wasn’t enough room for everyone to get in and boogie.

The set up is just in the centre of the village and as well as the music tent there was a beer tent serving loads of local ales (before they ran out!) and lovely little food concessions including the local school’s caes and Pizza Loco (look out for them at festivals – delicious fresh pizza from a train-shaped oven!). There is a sloped hill with lots of room to sit and some shade from the trees.

We loved the juggling workshop and Chiplet really enjoyed following the Morris Dancers around – although they never did any dancing (we think they might have been a stag do). The music was a really great mix, with highlights for me being De Fuego and Molly Warbuton. We missed Flutatious sadly – they looked like they were going to be amazing. Chiplet was a little perturbed by Kidz Edz his ear defenders but he wore them for some of the louder tunes and did quite a bit of dancing for a little dude.

dentcollage2Over the course of the weekend, he also perfected the word ‘shy’ said with a little tilt of the head, which made him almost irresistible to all around him… he really is going to be a heart-breaker.

I rather hilariously thought he might sleep in one of the compartments of our tent in his travel cot, leaving me and The Boy to snuggle up – but Chiplet had other ideas. He woke around midnight screaming – and to be fair it was FREEZING… so he ended up in with me and The Boy ended up at the bottom of the airbed with a pile of clothes over him! The campsite at High Laning was lovely, if not totally packed. To be honest we didn’t really use many of the facilities because we were only there for one night, but I bet it is a stunning place to camp generally.




The next morning, we went to the local village hall for a breakfast provided by the local football team and then headed to the little park in Dent village. All in all, it was a very sweet experience and I would heartily recommend it to anyone thinking of attending a friendly little festival with friends or family.


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