Aldi Super Mask


On my wedding day, a friend who was doing my make-up put some Lacura Serum from Aldi on my skin to rehydrate it and I couldn’t believe how lovely it felt…. promptly heading to get some for myself for a measly £3.49!

I do my weekly shop at Aldi and usually scan the aisles for the specials and offers.  This week, I spotted a face mask in the bargain section for just £1.99 so snapped one up and tried it last night.


Wonder Product!

It comes in a tube with a rather exciting brush attached to it, so you squeeze the mask out and swish it over your face and neck. It smells divine! It is a little orange, but I didn’t notice any long term orangeness on my face 🙂

I put some on before bed and then had a fairly smooth sleep (one wake up by Chiplet at 1.30am) and when I looked in the mirror this morning, I couldn’t believe how refreshed I looked! It seemed to have been a mini face lift – and one I was in dire need of after a weekend of camping in the storms (more on that later!)

Cue – dash back to Aldi to snaffle a couple more tubes of the mask for my cupboard. If you can get to an Aldi – do so sharpish, this stuff is AMAZING! I haven’t seen it before on the shelves, so I am not sure if it is going to be a permanent fixture or not.



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