Camping, Storms and Sunshine



We went to Bosworth Water Trust last weekend for a camping trip with some of my favourite friends. This was originally planned to be a trip in our camper van Delilah for all of us…. things did not go to plan. Delilah is off the road and The Boy had to work so it was Chiplet and I flying solo with a tent I had only observed being put up once! My friends’ hubbies also couldn’t make it, so it was ladies and their babies and a hell of an almighty storm on the way!

The water park was ideally located for our group of 3 adults and 4 children who were coming from Nortth, South and Midlands to meet near Market Bosworth near Nuneaton in Warwickshire. It was incredibly easy to find the site, as there were great  brown signs and you couldn’t miss the lovely view from the road of the large lake. Bosworth Water Trust is a very popular place to visit in the daytime for families and was very busy when we arrived on a sweaty and sticky Friday afternoon to pitch our tent up. Chiplet was really very well behaved whilst I slaved in the heat to put up the 4 man tent – it took me about an hour and I was absolutely roasting by the end of it, but felt a deep sense of accomplishment.

The facilities on the fairly small campsite were clean and accessible and the pitches lovely, with trees dotted around and even the odd picnic bench which would be used. My friend arrived and it took her about 10 minutes to get her tent up – and someone offered to help her as well – no such offer for me!

We headed down to the lakeside paddling area to explore a little and realised that people were really getting up to their waists and shoulders, not just paddling. It’s a fantastic little beach area, with sand and a safe barrier and the ducks and fish keep a fairly sensible distance from the splashing masses.


Our third friend arrived a little later with her boys and camper van and we were ready for some yummy chicken… there’s nothing like sitting out on a balmy evening and sharing food and wine whilst the kids tire themselves out. This was the stunning sunset that could be seen from the beach. It would have been a romatic spot to sit with Hubbie if he had been with us.


Chiplet slept well for his second ever night in a tent, waking me up with a lovely smile in the morning – there are benefits to co-sleeping sometimes! It was so nice for him to be able to instantly get playing with his little friends and they just mooched around the campsite, which was very drizzly but good fun nonetheless – we would have been lost without our breakfast gazebo and amazing fold out bench which my friend had recently got from The Range.


On the Saturday, we really relaxed around the campsite, testing out the amazing adventure playground in the rain and then enjoying some lunch in the great onsite Cafe – paninis and jacket potatoes and milky coffees. We then watched the HUGE fish from one of the little jetties and then paddled and splashed around in the water before deciding to head off around the lake for a walk. It was at this point that the weather took its turn for the worse. My friend had suggested we ‘just get wet’ but something about the blackness of the sky told me that we should head back pretty sharpish. We made it with about 30 seconds to spare until what can only be described as a tornado hit us. I ended up in our tent on my own with Chiplet and although it was pretty terrifiying, I am not sure the tent would have stayed put if I hadn’t been in there to hold it down. My friends had dived into the other tent with the other kids and we were all pretty much screaming. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. I was literally holding the tent down with both arms whilst Chiplet buried his head in my neck and cried. There were hailstones hitting the sides of the tent and coming inside whilst the wind whipped around us. The storm only lasted about 15 minutes, but when were emerged to check out the damage, it was evident that it was long enough. Awnings we collapsed, tents had holes in them and there were objects strewn all over the campsite – it was carnage. The sheer force of the rain and hail had soaked our bed and bedding and me!


The staff came around to check we were all ok and give us tent pegs to replace the ones that had been ripped out of the ground (thank you lovely staff) and said they had received a call from down the road telling them that they might have 5 minutes before it hit and to make sure everyone was off the water. Really terrifying stuff. One woman opposite us had a  tent was so damaged on the first day of a 1 week holiday that she had to go and buy another one!

The kids were pretty shaken up, one of them went straight to sleep for an hour or so. Chiplet decided to head into the mud and cause some chaos and seemed fine! It took us a while to clean up and get everything straight and by then it was most definitely wine o’clock! The sun had come out and there was no wind at all within about 30 minutes – it was eerily as if it had never happened! Unsurprisingly, Chiplet did not go down easily at bedtime and to top it all off the airbed seemed to have a puncture. This led to a very disturbed night in our tent and all surrounding tents as he screamed most of the night and I spent it sleeping on the damp and hard ground. We decided to leave a day early, which was a real shame, as the facilities were just so fantastic and it would have been great to enjoy the scorching and storm free sunday evening – but I was exhausted and worried that he wouldn’t sleep again.

After one final walk around the lake, we headed back home. I was so tired I ended up sleeping in the car at the services for 30 minutes. We are planning on heading back again with the same group – and hopefully the husbands this time!



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  1. Wow that must have been quite a storm! It’s a shame you had to come home early because it looks like a beautiful spot.

    • It was indeed quite storm – never known anything like it! Just hailing it down so fiercely! We are definitely going to go back, maybe in the campervan next time!

  2. Hey was lovely meeting you I am the lady that had to go home for another tent was a bizarre storm but a great place to camp we love it there such a friendly place glad you all kept safe x

  3. We have just discovered Bosworth this year and how you describe it is very accurate,we went camping on a 2 nights trip with myself and partner and our 4children ,we enjoyed it that much on way home we booked in again for 2 days later for 6 nights .we got hit with powerful winds and rain but nothing like you described. Glad you were all ok. Our children loved it and yes the sunset was amazing we sat cuddled up at the lakeside while kids played at the playground ,great family campsite we are going back end of month too ,the only thing stopping us from staying longer nxt time is washing , so if Bosworth were to install a washing machine and dryer im sure alot of families would extend their stay,cus we fast ran out off towels ,

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