Me and Mine (July 2014)


I have been meaning to link up to this great idea from a group of seven bloggers for ages. Me and Mine is a family photo project, so here we go with our first portrait in July 2014.

Chiplet is 19 months old almost to the day in this picture and it was the first time he had sat still and posed…. all down to the count down bleeps on the camera timer – who knew that was all we needed to stop him from wriggling!



Head on over to to find out more about the Me and Mine project




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  1. I’ve always done mine by remote trigger – I never thought that the countdown noise might make the little ones sit still and look at the camera – I’ll have to try that next time!!

    • We don’t have remote for our dslr.. I don’t think…but the timer is comedy because you only get 10 seconds to get into the shot… Cue much hilarity!

  2. Ahhh bless what a beautiful family you have here and gorgeous location to capture that up too. Love this photo. Your little one is so cute too! Wish my kids were as happy when I got the camera out. lol I have to beg for smiles these days. #me&mine

  3. Ahh this is a lovely photo. What is your trick for getting everyone looking at the camera? I still struggle with this and my children are 3 and 5! #meandmine

  4. Awww! this is a fab photo. And I wish the self timer bleeps kept my children sitting still… I definitely have to find imaginative ways of keeping them in shot.
    Welcome to Me and Mine, so excited to have you joining in. It’s get a bit addictive capturing all these family photos. x

    • Thank you so much. I will make the most of the bleep whilst they work then… He is really good generally with pictures… Although I think he gets exasperated sometimes with waiting around for us to take pics. You know he was born in December 2012 and the first proper family picture I could find was May 2013…. Must try harder! Xx

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