Scarborough Timelapse


The Boy and I went to Scarborough on Friday. We had a whole day to ourselves and a delicious review to do of a restaurant (post to come soon). We headed to Scarborough afterwards for an hour or so, wandering on the beach and doing what you do at the seaside!

It got me thinking about the last time we were there, which was for The Boy’s birthday in 2011. The time before that was for my birthday in 2008!.

I did a little collage to show how we have changed over 3 years. I expected us to look much older and much more knackered, but I think we actually stack up ok against our 31 and 33 year old selves. We had just decided to try for a baby and had the whole adventure in front of us… that’s pretty special when you think about it.


Scarborough holds special memories for me as an adult, but I only really remember Blackpool as a child. I guess the Sandcastle swimming pool and Pleasure Beach were very exciting to a young activity junkie. However I now think Scarborough has a serene air to it and I just love visiting. Peasholme Park, the pavilion, the bridges and the lovely sandy beach. Of course being a big Yorkshire supporter, I have to say that this area of the world is just great. There is nothing like driving down marine drive, to park up and wander through the harbour before dipping a toe in (or racing away from) the ocean and gambling in the tuppeny drops before grabbing a refreshment (fudge, rock, coffee, ice-cream… all of the above) and heading back home, feeling windswept and satisfied.


Then the f-ing A64 ruins it all 😦 nevermind… traffic sucks.

The next time we go, we will definitely be taking Chiplet, but this one visit was just for us 🙂



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