Oakworth Fairy Fest


fairy fest 1

Last weekend Chiplet and I went to a rather magical little event not so far from our house. Fairy Fest took place in the rather charming Holden Park, which is a maze of twists, turns, grottoes and caves.

Before we made it to where the fairies were, we had a play in the fairly new playground – it had possibly the best seesaw ever – two smiley bouncy frogs and no way of being bumped onto the ground.

We made our way up through the caves and grottoes and emerged onto the small open area with stalls, music and a bouncy castle. There were characters dressed up as fairies and goblins and even some dogs wearing wings.

fairy fest 2

Chiplet became slightly (read massively) obsessed with a biker dressed as a Lion. Roary, or Roar Roar as Chiplet christened him, was his absolute favourite thing of the day. We couldn’t really go anyway further  than a metre away or there were tears. In fact when ‘RoarRoar’ went for a ‘sleep’ (read wee) Chiplet was beside himself. He kept sitting down next to the Lion quite matter of fact, and saying yes to himself. He even got the courage up to roar at him a couple of times and tried to share his ice cream with him as well!

When the little man was even littler we used to go out for the day quite alot, but it has been a while since just the two of us have spent time together out and about and it was really lovely to have some bonding time. Bit difficult to juggle him and a camera and a bag and a RoarRoar obsession though!

fairy fest 3

We were waiting for a friend to arrive and dance, but she never made it. We did get to see her troupe dance though and they were great (name checking North Wind I am missing belly dancing very much). Chiplet even put his hands up and did some shimmying which was very cute.

All in all a lovely day out and highly recommended for next year. Take a picnic blanket and some wings and follow the fairy dust.






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