Toothbrush Roulette


Brushing teeth – is this the bane of every parent of a toddler? I have been determined to get Chiplet cleaning his teeth from an early age, but he is more than a bit hit and miss with it!

Toothbrush roulette

We started off with the free toothbrush given to us by the health visitor which lasted quite a long time as he just kind of sucked on it. Then we moved onto (1) this fantastic thick handled brush from Wisdom which from memory was from Home Bargains – easy to grasp but a little too wide for his little hands. Then he went through a phase of totally refusing to use a brush unless it was my electric one, so we bought him this (2) Spiderman brush, again from Home Bargains… this he seemed to chew even more.

MAM toothbrush

Number (3) was given to us to try by the lovely team at MAM as part of their Learn to Brush Set, which also included a longer handled brush so you can ‘help’ your child. This child certainly didn’t want my help, so we moved onto the standard shorter-handled brush. Chiplet didn’t seem to like the size of the head and this was quite short-lived in terms of toothbrush relationships! The idea of the pack is great though with two toothbrushes included, and a guard to prevent the brush from being pushed too far into the back of the mouth.

Finally we were sent (4) The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush for kids. The company was founded by a young inventor and came from a kickstarter campaign which is pretty cool in itself. The toothbrush is described as being more hygienic as it stands up on its own and ecconomical as you get a whole year’s brushing in a box (Rockabilly Kids come with 3 free heads).


Chiplet does seem to be brushing his teeth quite consistently now, unless he is teething or being something of a little sod. He does however like to take the toothbrush in the bath and drop it to make a noise with the weighted base…. be careful around breakable objects.

I don’t think our toothbrush roulette has finished just yet – but at least we have plenty of options to choose from… and we can always revert to the good ole sticker chart which seems to be working well for alot of my friends with toddlers.


You can get hold of The Rockabilly Kids in a number of major retailers, including Boots

But for your chance to win a fantastic Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush – with a Cowboy Clint design, just enter the Rafflcopter by clicking the link below. Good luck!


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    • Hi Linn…. it’s fun hey! Chiplet is managing, but to be fair I think it is for slightly bigger hands than his – it’s aimed at 3 years+. Why not enter my giveaway to win one and then there’s no loss is it is too big – you can store it for later?

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