Vocabulary Explosion


I have blogged before about Chiplet being a talker. He seemed pretty interested in chatting from quite an early age – although alot of it didn’t make any sense. I had been told that boys took longer to pick up language than girls and I never really pushed him… apart from clearly ensuring that Mamma came before Dadda in his arsenal of words 🙂

His first word might have been Dadda actually, followed fairly swiftly by milk. Then he took a quick liking to animals and their noises… he can do everything from sheep and cow to parrot and lion.

Over the past few months however, his language has exploded in quite the most amazing way. He gives a running commentary on most things and amazes us daily by pointing at everything from campervans, to frogs, to the pier in Brighton (or PEEEEYAAA as he pronounced it).

I have been reading to him since he was 2 weeks old (when I could sort of form coherent sentences again after labour) and we always involve him in conversations and ask him questions. I have noticed though recently that he seems to understand about 80% of what I say, only ignoring requests to come and eat dinner or turn off Bing (that rabbit is the new Peppa Pig).

He also now has a go at responding everytime with some sort of sentence. When I asked him what he had been up to at nursery, he babbled on something about pizza and the name of his keyworker and puzzles… all of which were noted down on his report sheet as things that had featured in his day. He is clearly conversing with direction, understanding and intelligence and it makes me so proud.

The best example of his language processing, understanding and responding the conversation that went with his Unky the other day

Unky: “Chiplet, what noise does a cow make?”

Chiplet: “Moo”

Unky: “Chiplet, what noise does a sheep make?”

Chiplet: “Baa”

Unky: “Chiplet, what noise does a Lion make?”

Chiplet: “RAAAAAR”

Unky: “Chiplet, what noise does a pterodactyl make?”

Chiplet: <thinking for a minute> “A dinosaur”

At this point, my brother’s jaw hit the floor and my eyes filled with tears… I mean that has got to be pretty flipping amazing…. what a superstar!?!

Here he is having a go at quite a difficult name…. Caroline (as in Imagination Adventures lovely Caroline)

How chatty is your little one? And what inspires them? colours? shapes? animals? food?




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