Japanese Iris Paper Folding


I blogged back in June about losing my crafting mojo and booking onto Ladies Who Like to Make where I learnt how to do decoupage.

The most recent session was on Japanese Iris Paper Folding and I had no idea what to expect.

The sessions take place in the amazing Pickles Deli in Baildon, where the cakes are truly something to experience… I won’t bang on about this week’s but it was a reese’s peanut butter and chocolate slice and oh my lord….

Anyway, facing me on the table in Pickles was a pile of invoice envelopes, a cutting map, some sellotape and this strange shape


We were apparently going to be making something like this:


I didn’t have high hopes for my skills! We had to cut strips of paper and fold it, then layer it around an apeture which we made in the shape of a pentagon. The strange shape was a template for laying the paper and sticking it in position. It was surprisingly therapeutic and I managed to make quite a lovely design – which I thought was perfect for my Husband’s birthday card. He was v impressed when I said I had made it myself.


I loved the session, but I cannot explain it properly here without a demo, so here is one I found which I think is quite easy to follow if you want to have a go.

Let me know how you get on if you do try… might be a good idea for Christmas cards for special people?



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