My Engagement Ring … gone


I lost my engagement ring today. When I went to get it out of where I thought it was in my bag and only my wedding ring fell out… I felt sick to my very core. Why was it in my bag? Well my engagement ring and wedding ring together seem to create some itchy rash occaisionally, which I had christened ‘ring rot’ and meant that I could stand it no longer and took the rings off to give my skin some time to breathe.

I put it both rings in there last night whilst on a long journey home in the back of my bosses car…I think to myself ” it’ll be there, she will find it”…. quick call to her… but no ring.

Then I remember putting my car keys in that same compartment, and pulling them out to open my boot before I drove home… my car was parked on a side road near work… so my amazing Husband heads over in the dark tonight and scours the street with a flood light. It’s not there.

I think perhaps I dropped it at work in the art galleries as I rush through on my way home. I was so happy to be heading home a bit early after a late night with work last night… so I facebook work and sit here crossing my fingers that someone finds it.

Hearing about a burglary that someone went through recently, I thought that I would be less bothered about the ‘stuff’ taken than the fact I had been burgled. I have been burgled before and they took my mum’s engagement ring, less than a year after she died. My ring was so like hers. My husband didn’t even know he had picked one so similar, he just loved it and knew it was the one for me…. even though it was a bit mis-shapen and needed some tlc.

So it turns out, I am bothered about ‘stuff’ especially when it is ‘stuff’ given to me by the love of my life to tell me that I was the love of his life and to ask me to be with him for the rest of his life.

My wedding ring sits on my finger alone now and even if it gives me the worst skin infection known to man, I am not sure I can bring myself to ever take it off.



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