Can you actually believe it?


You may have seen this time last week, a post from me about my lost engagement ring. I was bereft. I was angry with myself for being so silly and I had pretty much given up hope.

I woke up on Friday morning last week thinking I had exhausted all the options of where it might be, when one last person on twitter told me to rethink my day, retrace my steps and check every bin. “I have already done all that I screamed to myself”…each time thinking of another spot where I had opened my handbag and where it might have fallen out… most of them places where it was unlikely to have been handed in.

But then a lightbulb appeared over my head, perhaps I had dropped it in the fist place where I had opened my handbag in the morning, the local train station where I went to pick up my train tickets for the airport. I did this to remove the need to stressing and rushing around… to save myself a job and make my journey easier…. so organised!

We were heading there for Chiplet and I to catch our train to the airport and I hand wrote a note out to give to them to see if they could ask people if they had seen my ring. I explained this to the ticket office staff  and started to hand them the note. It was at this point that the man reached under his desk and looked me straight in the eyes saying “Can you describe the engagement ring”.

Can you actually believe that someone handed my ring in? I burst into tears immediately… just totally and utterly amazed that the ring was right there in the palm of my hand. I ran back to the car park where my husband worriedly asked me what was wrong… when I uncurled my hand to show him…. he said a word not fit for Chiplet’s ears.

I mean surely the chances of getting it back were pretty slim? I might not have even thought of asking at the ticket office and the ring would have just languished there. So I thank each and every person who tweeted me with words of support, from the lady in Ireland who suggested a little prayer to St Anthony, to the person on the Isle of Wight who said there was little point in retweeting but they hoped I would get it back.

People are amazing…. and I have learnt a lesson about taking my engagement ring off!

Have a great weekend everyone



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