Gift Wrap Printing


I have blogged before about the great monthly ‘making’ sessions that I attend, it’s something for me each month where I get some time to myself, some cake and a chance to make. I was sad to miss last month’s Norwegian heart-making, but I sent a friend in my stead who I think is going to make me a heart. This month it was time to print our own gift wrap, using homemade stamps.


The session was less technical than previous ones, although tricky for me because my drawing skills are so pants. I was feeling quite Christmassy, but decided instead to print some paper for Chiplet’s birthday. I chose top hats, moustaches and the words Top and Boy to print on my paper, tags and bags.

We used textile ink, but were told you could use just normal paint mixed with a bit of PVA to give it sticking power. So we made our stamps out of cut out foam which we mounted onto corks to give us something to press on. I would recommend making your foam double thickness, to ensure that the stamp sits far enough from the cork. The words I scratched in reverse into polystyrene pizza bases. One of the things I love about the Ladies Who Make sessions are that we quite often re-use items (you may remember pay slip envelopes from the Iris Paper folding session). Then it was just a matter of loading up with the ink, blotting it on some paper and then printing away.


I was really quite pleased with the results 🙂 and the amazing Malteaser Slice I munched whilst making.

Would you think about doing this for your Christmas or birthday gifts?



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