Car Booty #1


We love a good car boot… and we are lucky enough to have a brilliant one just down the road. Some weeks we only pick up a couple of bits, but last week we had a real haul which I thought I would share with you in a new feature ‘Car Booty’.

Car Booty 1

  1. Hello Kitty skateboard – for moving a heavy washing machine apparently – £1
  2. Basket for making Christmas hampers for my Dad and Dad in Law – £2
  3. Charlie and Lola jigsaws – sadly missing 2 pieces, but Chiplet can still enjoy them – 50p
  4. Dressing up helmet – thrown in for free for Chiplet from one stall holder
  5. Next snow suit 2-3 years – perfect for the hopefully snowy Christmas we have in store £3
  6. Dark Chocolate Orange (in date) – for my Dad’s hamper – £1
  7. Toy Story arm and knee pads – great for when Chiplet is a bit older – 30p
  8. Schleich Horse – Chiplet loves horses – 50p
  9. Random purchases by the Hubbie – for what purpose I don’t know! £1
  10. Wellies (size 8) – for when Chiplet moves up a size or two – 48p
  11. Toy Story lunchbox – very cute and looks unused – 10p

Total haul – £9.88

Weather – drizzy

Stallholders – pretty sparse to be honest





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