Spot A Lot Animal Escape (What We’re Reading)


We have been members of the fantastic Parragon Book Buddies scheme for over a year now and have had some great books through. Since asking to focus on picture books, we got this really gorgeous one in the post to review.


Now Chiplet LOVES animals and counting so Spot a Lot Animal Escape was always going to be popular.

The premise is that all the animals have escaped from the Zoo and one poor Zookeeper seems to be solely responsible for rounding them up. These animals love a good time and end up everywhere from the park, to a cake shop and a birthday party/rave. There are different levels which I think would make this suitable for a range of ages. Firstly you can spot the animals and identify them, or you can count the ones that the book tells you to find. You can also look for the tortoise on every page which can be a bit tricky.


I would recommend this to any animal loving and counting toddler.

I saw on Mum in a Hurry, that the book is no good for a quick bedtime read – which made me giggle as I had the exact same thoughts!





Linking up with the lovely Carrie at Space for the Butterflies – who regularly posts about what they are reading .



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  1. I love the idea of all the zoo animals heading off to a rave! 🙂 This book looks like it would be great for Bubs as we have a similar one (called Toddler Hide and Seek) that she loves.

  2. I can definitely see why you might not want it for bedtime! It does look like a lot of fun though – I love the different levels, it means you can keep coming back to it time after time and still find something new!

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