Me and Mine (November)


Another fun and quick photo shoot in our local train station this month – waiting for Chiplet’s train to come in… he told everyone it was ‘mine train’

He is less compliant with having his photo taken than in previous months – so this is a little blurry

Meandmine november 2014

And of course – the out-takes!

out-takes Meandmine november 2014

I am linking up with Lucy at Dear Beautiful for the Me and Mine project.  Head on over to to find out more about the Me and Mine project.



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    • Thank you for having such a wonderful project in the first place… it really gets us to think about a family portrait each month – even if we are a little haphazard in our style!

  1. Oh that’s a great picture – and I do love the outtakes – outtakes are awesome, I think they always tell you so much more about everyone in the picture than the ‘official’ shot!

  2. These are cool to me because they’re train-related. The out-takes are brilliantly entertaining too! Now, are you allowed to say which station this was at? I can see overhead lines, so it is an electrified railway, and not in south London (where everything is third rail electrified). And that’s about as much as I can guess!

    • Ah thanks for commenting. So you are a train enthusiast! Well its not on London. We live in West Yorkshire and its in the Skipton line… We love the outtakes. Do you take part in Me and Mine?

      • Yes I like trains! Ah, so it’s a fair old way away from here then. I haven’t been up to that area for years. Lovely part of the world. No, I’ve never taken part in Me and Mine, it was the station platform that caught my eye!

      • It is lovely round here! We have only been doing me and mine for a few months and its great to have something to prompt us to get a family pic!

      • It is so easy to just take pics of the kids. There are hardly any of me with the kids because I’m always the photographer. Hmm, maybe I should invest in a tripod!

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