Mini-b Indoor Bean Bag Review



When Chiplet was born almost 2 years ago, one of the most amazing presents we got for us was from my Dad. He knew we had our eye on a very colourful bean bag from an independent shop in Bradford. We had always loved bean bags in the house, but the one we had was getting very scruffy and we were all set to buy ourselves a new one from Extreme Lounging, a local company just down the road in Keighley.

Chiplet road-testing the Mighty-b

Chiplet road-testing the Mighty-b

So when we brought our son back home on Christmas Day, there was a huge bag in the middle of the room containing the mighty-b beanbag.

Extreme Lounging have revolutionsed the bean bag. From the moment we got ours, it became the seat that was fought over. I spent hours sitting in it feeding Chiplet. When he was a bit bigger he could sit comfortably on it without rolling off and now he loved to jump on it. Even  Lucy cat loves it, plus it really has held its shape for almost 2 years.

So…. when I was asked if we would like to review one of their products, I jumped at the chance and chose the mini-b for Chiplet to try out.

He was very excited to open his present and was very excited to see it was orange – even though he didn’t work out what it was straight away. As soon as I had demonstrated that it was a Chiplet-sized version of our big bean bag, he spent most of the following week lounging on it. He sits on it for his snacks and watches his current favourite film (Cars), looking very pleased with himself.


We have found as well that it makes a rather fantastic foot rest for big people!

If you are looking for an alternative seat for your little one, then I would say that the mini-b is a great idea, it’s colourful, comfortable, breathable, splash-proof and easy to clean. We love ours!

You can order online the mini-b online for £59.99 and delivery is free. Plus I am offering you lovely people 10% off using the code DINKY10 before 13 December 2014.

I was sent a Mini-b for the purposes of this review, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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