Choosing Decorations – A Tradition


When I was pregnant and first started reading other parenting blogs, I came across the lovely blog at Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three I remember reading about how Katie took Mads (another Christmas baby) to choose her own decoration for the tree. I decided to adopt the same tradition and 3 years ago, heavily pregnant, I chose a lovely decoration on behalf of my bump.


When Chiplet was 1, he chose his own from a garden centre. This was located in the village where we had just bought our family home but despite our hopes and hard work, were not going to manage to move into before Christmas.


This year, we have moved into our lovely home and we headed to the very same garden centre to pick up a decoration. Chiplet is not feeling too good at the moment with a chest infection, so I kind of had to shortlist some decorations for him to choose from. He loved this Robin until he saw a giant cuddly reindeer and promptly tantrumed his head off saying he didn’t like the Robin anymore…. I saved the little bird and paid for him anyway so he could grace our tree.


This time I had also convinced The Boy that we should have a real tree; something we never had room for in our old home. This is our tree – I love it, perfectly sized and colourful – I am not one for colour schemes really!


We have not gone mad with the Christmas decorations around the house as we have a 2nd birthday party on 21 December for Chiplet and his actual birthday on Christmas Day. So we have decided to decorate half of the tree with Birthday messages for between 21-25 December to celebrate and then turn the tree around on Boxing Day back to Christmas time!





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