A New Mum Hamper


A friend at work is due to finish next week to have her first baby and is in the whirlwind of trying to work out what she actually needs. I know that she is going to end up with loads of things that will be as useful as a chocolate teapot and find quite a few things missing. We didn’t have enough breast milk pots and bags or painkillers in the house and we definitely did not need all those adorable little outfits for the baby!

So instead of trying to work out what she didn’t yet have for the baby, I decided to do her a ‘New Mum Hamper’. I know you can get these online in some great places like Don’t Buy Her Flowers – which was where I got a little of my inspiration from. The idea of a hamper with lovely little tags came from them, but the contents are all from my head… based on what helped me through that hazy first couple of weeks of parenthood.


  1. Medicinal booze – Malibu would not be my tipple of choice (that was champagne since we had a Christmas Dady baby) but this lady loves her pineapple tipple so I got her a small drink… never a good idea to drink alot when a. sleep deprived and b. possibly breastfeeding
  2. Bakewell tart slices – I was breastfeeding so of course I *needed* a snack bag full of goodies next to my bed… pretty sure if I hadn’t been breastfeeding then I still would have indulged 🙂
  3. Witch hazel – Pop it in the fridge and put it on a maternity pad – works wonder for the healing process (can also use the witch hazel gel)
  4. Hair bobble – I used this to scrape my unwashed hair back and also to put on my wrist so I knew which ‘side’ I had last fed my baby from (it all blurred into one with 12+ feeds a day!)
  5. Lip balm – dry lips, dry hands… balm essential for those 500 hand washing sessions a day!
  6. Lavender oil – I put this on my pillow and mixed it with a bit of milk in the bath to help with relaxation and post-birth healing too.

Hopefully she will find this little pack useful and calming.

What would you put in a New-Mum Pack for a friend?



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