Car Booty #2


We totally jinxed ourselves last week by asking some friends to the car boot with us – telling them how good it usually is! It was practically snowing and there were about 5 cars outside and the rest of the stalls rammed inside the disused cattle market. I was on a mission for animal models for Chiplet’s birthday party, but there were slim pickings indeed!


  1. Old camera – £0.30 – My husband wanted to add this to our collection of old technology – quite a bargain really!
  2. Tiles for the Summer House – £6 – This is my husband’s project – he calls it the summer house, really its a den for him and Chiplet…. these tiles are to go in the corner where the wood burner is going to be
  3. Collection of Zoo animals – £0.50 – for Chiplet’s animal-themed party in a week or so
  4. Dinosaur battle – £0.30 – Chiplet saw these and is dinosaur obsessed. He has since been feeding them raisins and making them have battles… very cute!

Total haul – £7.10

Weather – bordering on snow

Stallholders – barely any





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