Buying Brilliant Books


I love books so much that over the years I have had to use the library rather than buying them…. a combination of budget, space and the pure volume that I go through. I was so excited when I fell pregnant that I was going to get to read all the old classics with my child and also buy some of the new children’s books that I never had access to when I was little. Some of them are just fantastic! Favourites in our house are anything which have my son’s real name as one of the characters, anything with dinosaurs and most of Julia Donaldson’s books. We are members of the Parragon Book Buddies scheme plus we use our local library alot, so to be honest, it’s not often that I buy books. However, it has become a tradition that I visit the amazing book shop at Salt’s Mill in Saltaire every year to pick up presents.


The book shop is located on the 3rd floor of the old textile mill and is a vast and spaced out environment to peruse a fantastic selection of books. The children’s section is brilliant and when I went earlier this week I really had to restrain myself. I picked up 3 books. One for my friend’s little girl who is turning 3 and obsessed with Frozen – so I went for an ice-theme with the beautiful soft focus picture book Miki.

Then I got Chiplet a couple of books. For his birthday I chose Mighty Mo abouta racoon in a Zoo… not seen a Racoon protagonist before, so I liked this. Then for Christmas I went for Open Very Carefully which I read about on Space for the Butterflies and loved.

The only problem is, that he really is obsessive about his books – something which I think must be quite common for an almost 2 year old. He wants to read the same ones over and over again and sometimes they are not my favourites! From a purely selfish perspective, I just think there are so many books in the world to read, to keep on with the same ones is a waste…. but then I am thinking like a grown up rather than a toddler. I will definitely foster Chiplet’s love of reading forever and will always look for brilliant books to share with him.



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  1. Oh I do hope he likes Open Very Carefully! We think it’s hilarious, but I know what you mean about a few books becoming firm favourites for a little while – there are a good few I can recite from memory precisely because of that!

    • And then you barely touch others. I love Snug as a Bug and always try and encourage that as a bedtime choice… But noooo its usually dinosaur road trip or the random toddler seek book which is def not bedtime storyish.. he once even chose a tractor magazine!

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