Disaster Craft


When I saw one of my blogging friends over at Mum First Doctor Second had made some rather adorable salt dough decorations, I couldn’t resist having a go with Chiplet. The only problems is….. that we didn’t quite have the right ingredients…. and our toddler was not massively interested in doing the activity. Therefore the result was Chiplet screaming because his hands were “sticky” and my husband making the decorations.


I must admit that most crafting activities end up going a little bit awry in this house. This however was a new low….hilarious, when I compared it to Mum First Doctor Second’s lovely, calm pictures of her and Doofy making decorations! Lucinda does brilliant craft activities with her son by the way – if you are ever feeling crafty!

The funniest thing was that people thought they were adorable when they thought Chiplet had made them – not so much when they realised we had made them!



Chiplet’s offering is the one with the “sparkles” – lovely hey! not sure about the “gnome” my husband made, but the worst offering is possibly my “bird”.




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  1. Hahaha love it!! And Chiplet’s extra sparkly bits are a fab idea 🙂 hope the gnome had pride of place on your Christmas tree?! Lol 😉 xx

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