A Moment


I don’t always write about those little amazing moments with my son. They happen all this time; an intense look, a new word, a cheeky giggle, a shared understanding of something. I hold them deep inside and they make my soul soar when I think about them. Usually they are fun, silly and crazy, rather than tender.


Tonight, I read the usual bedtime story to my son. I was really tired myself so instead of being propped up on his bed, I was lying down next to him and he was sitting up. And as I voiced the characters in Mighty Mo, the current bedtime favourite, I sensed a pair of eyes on me and I turned to my son. He was looking down at me with a look of such intense love, joy and happiness to be there with me, that I almost burst into tears immediately. For anyone to look at you like that is special, but for the person that you wished for, carried for 9 months and adore with all your heart to look at you like that, is something else.

He then leant down to me and kissed me straight on the lips – with no prompting or cajoling, just a moment of love.

Once I managed to swallow the lump in my throat, I continued with the voice of the crime fighting raccoon and managed to stumble to the end of the book.

Sometimes I feel like I am doing just that… stumbling through parenthood and then when a moment like that happens, I don’t worry about the obstacles anymore, because I must be doing something right.



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