The Extremes of Play and Imagination


There are two extremes going on in Chiplet’s world of play and imagination at the moment. As illustrated below:

1. The mouth-agog, amazement and quiet watching of films



I never thought that at age 2 and full of boundless energy that my son could sit through a film, but if he is engaged and in the right move, he will watch an entire movie. Since we managed to get our DVD player working, he now likes to grasp the DVD box throughout the whole experience as well which is rather adorable… he keeps checking the picture on the box against his viewing experience…. very funny when he was holding Aladdin and we were watching Cool Runnings! I do worry about him watching television in one way because he becomes so gobsmacked and zombie-like but then again he picks up so much from the right programmes and really has good quiet time.

2. The wildly imaginative role-playing (usually involving dinosaurs)


Chiplet chats almost constantly through his role play, singing to the dinosaurs, saying ‘how are you’ and ‘see you later’. He knows what colour they are and even in some cases what names they have… although he does insist that Tyrannasaurus Rex doesn’t exist. I tell you, that IKEA play mat and the charity shop dinosaurs were definitely the big hits of Christmas and Birthday presents.

Its not just at home – Out and about he often ‘imagines’ things up. The other day he spotted a possible place where a dragon might be and then the same spot a week later became somewhere that the Gruffalo might be. I love his imagination so much and am hoping it develops into the crazy creative streak that seems to run through both sides of the family.

I actually managed to capture a bit of his play earlier today on video…. he was really getting into it.


The dinosaur thing is really quite serious now. Last night he woke up in the middle of the night because in the dark by feeling around he could work out that his ‘brown’ dinosaur was in fact not in his bed, but on the shelf in his room. Once I had retrieved it, he snuggled back down to sleep!




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