Welcome to the Jungle – Chiplet’s 2nd Birthday Party


You possibly wouldn’t really have cared much if I had posted this around Chiplet’s actual birthday which is Christmas Day – because you were all hopefully having lovely festive times with your families. So this post is going live exactly a month after his party took place on the Sunday before Christmas (I know, where the hell did that month go?!?!)


Being told to keep it simple for my son’s birthday party at age 2 (a friend might have said – “you can get away without parties until they are 5 you know”) I invited 10 toddlers to the party (another friend might have said “you know they have siblings and parents so your numbers are going to be over double that”). Cue slight panic from me about a week before about where the hell we were going to fit everyone! There was no need to worry because lesson #1 is A Christmas-timed Birthday party means alot of drop outs from illness. In the end we had 4 toddler guests which was just a lovely number and meant there was room for the adults.

Lesson #2 is that A pintrest birthday cake might look simple, but only if you simplify your life and buy the cake then ice it… it still looks pretty flipping good and probably cost less overall.


So leading onto lesson#3 – Your theme can be loose. Especially when your toddler is liable to develop an obsession with dinosaurs just after you purchase animal print paper, animal biscuit cutters and borrow all the zoo animals from nursery for the party.

Whatever games you might plan remember #4 All you need is youtube and some retro kids party tuneage from the 80s – cue Black Lace Superman

Limiting the time frame gives you a goal to work towards #5 The end is in sight with a finish time on the invitations.

I am really glad we made the effort to have a party, it was wonderful and it definitely didn’t put me off doing another one next year. Being so close to Christmas makes it a bit tricky to fit all the decorations in, but we managed to balance it with little tricks like turning the Christmas tree around and decorating it with Birthday things and hanging the Christmas cards and birthday cards on different walls.

I am determined to make sure that my son knows his birthday is magical and special and that he has the wonder of Christmas around him as well.



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  1. Lovely blog as always.
    We have a party each year. I think it’s really important to have a little party for them and their friends. After all, it’s a special day.
    E’s birthday is December and I put the Christmas cards and Birthday cards in different places. You can always find a way to make it work.
    Looks like Chiplet had a lovely 2nd Birthday x

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