Mummies Movie Club – January 2015


Mummies Movie Club is back with a vengeance! It’s been a long absence, mostly because if you don’t book a date in the diary in my life… then it never happens! So I re-invited all the Mummies to join in as and when they could. The first rule of Mummies’ Movie Club is… you don’t have to come every month, I mean who can commit to something regularly with a toddler and an almost full time job too?


I am lucky enough to live in the first ever UNESCO city of film (I wrote about this before in October 2013 when I first launched my Mummies’ Movie Club so won’t go on about it again!) so it seems almost rude to not enjoy cinema when I can.

The perfectly formed cinema at the National Media Museum has been taken over by the Picturehouses team, so I was interested to see how my evening panned out under their leadership. My friend and I decided to opt for Into the Woods partly because her cousin designed Jonny Depp’s coat and partly because the other cinema didn’t have a public viewing on that night. That’s the great thing about a small brilliant cinema… great films, small groups and no noisy teens!

We headed to our usual spot in the Pictureville bar only to discover to our absolute horror that there were no cakes!?!? Apparently a casualty of the new ownership and something yet to be ironed out, I had to settle for olives (stolen from the private view crowd) and a packet of obligatory pork scratchings. We were chatting away and I was wondering why we had not been asked to go into the cinema, when it became clear that we were at the wrong screen… cue mad dash to the Cubby Broccoli screen just in time for the trailers.

I hadn’t really looked into Into the Woods very much, just a snatched view at the trailer, so I had no expectations really. From the start I was thrown into a world I felt very much at home and at ease in. I have a huge heavy version of the Brothers Grimm collected works at home and I remember poring over it as a child. I LOVE fairytales, I love singing and I love Jonny Depp. Taking all that into consideration, Into the Woods was a brilliant film. I am still singing the songs in my head over a week later and I am thinking about the plight of the characters and the wonderful way everything tied together.

I don’t however like James Corden and seeing him on screen for 124 minutes didn’t do anything to change that view. I also felt that the tying up of the ending was a little rushed and convenient – but then fairytales usually are.

The story centres around a wood, a village and a castle. We meet a childless couple and a cackling witch who gives them their ‘once in a blue moon’ chance to reverse a curse on their home… but they need to collect some objects from some other familiar faces. Highlights of the film, without spoilers… were the mournful duet between Prince Charming and his brother about how hard their romances are and the amazingly haggard and equally beautful Meryl Streep (this will make sense when you watch the film).

If you go to see this and don’t want to do any of the following then I am not sure you are fully alive

  1. Punch Red Riding Hood
  2. Be chased by Prince Charming (once or the other of them)
  3. Be freaked out by Jonny Depp’s really creepy Mr Wolf
  4. Sing Into the wooooooooooooooods out loud during the song

Here’s to the next Mummies Movie Club.

If you fancy Into the Woods – you can check out the trailer here and if you have seen it – tell me what you think in the comments!




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  1. I watched the film last night and loved it too. And I also did want/do all of the 4 in your list 🙂 I do like James Corden though so didn’t mind watching him 🙂 Great review! x

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