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I confess that I haven’t really updated my make up properly for years. There was a discusson on Twitter the other day about make up and beauty and someone said that you should update it regularly…. I hold up my hands in embarrassment.


I have moved on from the days of coffee shimmer Rimmel lipstick with a darker liner round the lips, black smudgy eye shadow and cats eye eye liner combined with bronzing pearls and the thinnest eyebrows known to man…. terrifying and what is with those highlights?!?! Well it was all about the Spice Girls!

So in an effort to update my make up and ideas for the year I turn 35 and head downwards towards 40… I thought I would post my make up and what it looks like on my face!


  1. No 7 BB Cream… I can’t wear foundation anymore… too thick and dry on my face so this is perfect and quick.
  2. Boots Natural Collection ‘seashell’ eyeshadow… this appears to slip off after about an hour 😦
  3. Benefit Dandelion – this is the only make up I took travelling the world – a lovely brightening effect
  4. Benefit High Beam – this always brightens my face up and make my nose look smaller!
  5. I usually use Benefit liquid blusher but have run out so this ‘sleek’ is my back up power blusher
  6. Benefit They’re Real – best mascara known to woman

So go on then…. hit me with your top tips for make up for a busy mum of 1, slightly ageing skin, usually 15 mins to get ready with hair and makeup. i would love to do something a bit different – or even try some different eye shadow.



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  1. I think what you’ve got is a good basis. You look lovely and you have great skin! It’s a nice ‘no makeup’ makeup look which suits you.

    The BB cream looks like a good match for your skin tone so I’d stick with that. As for eyeshadow I like to use No7 Shade & Define shadow crayons. The mink one is a good neutral shade, or they have brighter ones, and they have fab lasting power. One swipe and you’re good to go.

    Do you wear lipstick or gloss? I think it would help to lift the look a little.

    • Thanks Vickie for commenting… I do sometimes wear a gloss but I have horrible scars on the sides of my lips so don’t like to draw attention to them. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my bright red lipstick before Christmas which I quite liked but think I need a better quality version that doesn’t wear off in one spot and then stay stuck in the other – I ended up looking weird! I do have a friend who did a make up course and a girly night planned with her in Feb so will be getting some tips hopefully.

  2. Timely post, as I’m about to have my yearly make-up clear out and overhaul that I try to do every January. I think our make up routines are pretty similar, as I like a bare look, and only have about five minutes to apply. No point in wearing much when your face is hidden behind a mask (which rubs it off) at work too!

    I do swear by Mac eyeshadow though. They go on well and stay put so I think they are worth the money. I also use a “powder liner” which is basically a deep aubergine eyeshadow applied with a liner brush – it’s the only way I’ve ever been able to get eyeliner to look good on me and it really lifts my eyes, especially since I still have a full fringe at present. Only trouble with using eyeshadow this way is that I never use it up before it’s supposed to be thrown away!

    I’m in the market for a new BB cream, but lately I’ve been mixing a light liquid foundation with a brightening primer which works surprisingly well. I struggle because I’m so pale, but also freckly which I don’t want covered!

    Let me know if you get any wonder tips! I’ve just turned 35 and think I perhaps should be changing things as my skin gets older!

    • The bare look is brilliant…. but takes some effort to perfect I think. I have noticed that my skin looks older and I of course look knackered as a mum. The products used to moisturise, tone etc. I think make a big difference. I just think I need a style overhaul in general. I just lost over a stone in weight and feel brilliant about that, just need to dress and make up better now! xx

  3. I have absolutely no idea – given my idea of make up is to use as much concealer as is necessary to stop me looking like I’ve been punched – yay for bags under the eyes, so I’ll be reading the comments eagerly!!

  4. I’m impressed you have time for make up. I’m normally proud of myself if I manage to leave the house with clean and blow-dried hair! Definite must for me if you pushed me are GOSH eye colour pallet, mascara and a slick of lip-gloss! Still can’t find a lipstick colour to suit me! x

    • I never manage my hair very well though – it’s usually a bit mad. Today it is all scraped back and I have a bun headache which is horrible! Lipstick is a tricky one for me too as I don’t like my lip-scars… but I know it brightens me up a bit. I tend to use Benefit Rockateur gloss at the moment, but alwayd forget to put it on!

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