Applique Badge from Jams and Bells


My lovely friend and blogger Lucinda from Mum First Doctor Second is a very clever lady. You only have to follow her blog to see the brilliant crafting she does with her family. She also recently launched her own Etsy Shop called Jams and Bells. She very kindly sent us an applique 2 for Chiplet’s birthday. It had a Christmas theme of course as Chiplet is a Christmas Day baby.


The 2 came with instructions to iron it on and we decided to put it on a vest so he could wear it under his clothes during the winter months and reveal it like a super hero. He was thrilled to have a ‘2’ on his top, but wouldn’t stay very still for his picture … well it was his birthday!


It was easy to add to the top with our iron and it has washed well around 5 times since then. You can order the applique numbers and shapes from Jams and Bells on Etsy. Lucinda also does personalised hooded towels and flannels as well as onesies and t-shirts.

Dinky Thinks readers can now get £1 off – just visit Jams and Bells Etsy store and use the code DINKY2014.

I was sent an applique number 2 by Jams and Bells as a present for Chiplet’s birthday. You can get  your own for just £3 plus postage.




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