A Minted Wish List


Oh I do love Minted’s ethos. Its a community of global and independent artists and designers in one place with illustrators, textiles and painters. They launched in 2008 and claim to be an early pioneer of crowdsourcing, since their artwork is reviewed and voted for …. in effect the ‘crowd’ curates their selection.

I was asked to have a look at their products to see what I thought of the offering and I have to say I really struggled to narrow it down to a few pieces that I liked. You may remember that we moved into our house last year and it is coming up for 1 year since we moved in.  We have only just put some photos on the walls and we really need some more artwork to grace the space.

So I really did have a good look at the art pieces:




I liked two of these ones for their abstract nature and the great colours… a splash of that is needed in our bedroom where the main piece is a print of Picasso’s Don Quixote which is of course black and white. I also like the arrows… arrows and chevrons always draw my eye.


I was also drawn to some of the more child-friendly pieces – thinking of Chiplet’s room… but really they could go in ours as well…. that giraffe is brilliant… who doesn’t love a giraffe?

Having said that I love the fabrics as well. I don’t have any particular projects in mind at the moment – but I know a few talented Mammas who might like these fabrics for their businesses. I would have either of the top two for curtains in my bedroom and the bottom two to make some trousers for Chiplet…. if I ever had time! (note the featured giraffes again!)



The international shipping costs seem pretty cheap to me if you order prints only …. alot more if you order a frame, but I am hoping my husband will be making a frame from reclaimed oak.

You can check out the Art Marketplace here.



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